My New York friends call this "LA Hipster." I just think it's a sharp haircut.

My friends from New York say I’ve gone “LA Hipster.” I just think it’s a sharp haircut.

I was the writer and co-producer of the award-winning online sci-fi drama series PIONEER ONE. Before that, I wrote and directed (and edited) a no-budget feature called THE LIONSHARE, which somebody actually called one of their “favorite films of the last 10 years.” Hey, I’ll take it.

I’ve made this blog to chronicle my experiences moving to Los Angeles and trying to “make it,” to have a venue to rant about various things that interest me, and as a low-pressure way to keep working the writing muscles. Also, buzzword something something cultivate a brand, that’s important right?

Welcome, stay awhile. The water’s warm and the beer is cold.




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