Why an American BLACK MIRROR is actually a great idea.

Charlie Brooker: The Rod Serling we deserve.

Charlie Brooker: The Rod Serling we deserve.

According to Variety, there’s an American version of the British sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror in the works. I’m normally suspect of American remakes, but in this case, I think it could actually be awesome. Cause it’s actually not really a remake at all. The show is already an anthology, so there’s no problem with a new cast or a tweaked premise. And according to the article, Charlie Brooker, who created the show, will run the American version as well. Sold.

While they’ve tried to redo The Twilight Zone four times over the years (once as a movie, twice as a new TV series, and once as a comic), none of them lived up to the original. I think that’s because they were too focused on the “twist” or the “gotcha” endings that TZ was famous for. But that wasn’t all it was.

Black Mirror is the true successor to The Twilight Zone, because it does what the original did: it takes a look at issues our culture now, sets them in a future or speculative setting, and shows us the potential horrors they could lead to when taken to their extreme.

As Rod Serling might put it, “There’s a mirror up ahead. Next stop: Your own dark reflection.”